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August 2nd, 2011  |  Published in Featured, News

Donate to the BC Children's Hospital

The annual Garneau Evolution Whistler Charity Ride is coming up. This Saturday, August 6, our racers will ride from Vancouver to Whistler—and back—in support of the BC Children’s Hospital. It’s part of our mandate to be a cycling team that’s relevant to its community, both inside and outside cycling. Plus it’ll be one heckuva training ride (have a feeling Gerth is gonna be hammering those hills).

We’re looking for your support, too. See our donate page to help us reach our fundraising goal.

2010 Ride Stats:
9 riders (+9 to Squamish)
250 km in the hills
8 hours in the saddle
10,000+ ft of climbing
6,000 Calories each
3 middle fingers from motorists
1 round of vomit
1 broken bone

$3,700 in donation raised!

The 2011 Rides
Whistler – 250km
Huge! The ride with traverse the spectacular Howe Sound along the improved Sea-Sky Highway.
This will be a tough hilly ride for racers.
A great way to scope out the road before the Fondo.
We plan to have support for this ride.

Squamish – 140km
Out and back to Squamish for a scaled down but equally appealing option.
Recreational racers are welcome but it is a difficult ride. The group will regroup periodically.

Both rides will hopefully be supported with wheels and food (you provide both). If you’re interested in helping out, let me know.
You must have a valid CyclingBC license to participate.

This will be your best ride of the summer!

Saturday August 6th
Both rides leave at 8am from “Bean Around the World” on Cornwall at Cypress. Please confirm with us if you plan to attend.

Fund raising
The ride is in support of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. BC Children’s serves more than a million BC children and funding goes directly to essential services. Please find more information at http://www.bcchf.ca/main/index.php.

To participate, each rider is expected to raise a minimum of $75, to be presented the morning of the ride. Even if you are not joining us for the ride, please give to GE riders soliciting funds in the next several weeks.

We’d like to reach $5,000 in funds this year. This will need more riders and more donators!

Donations can be made online: https://secure.bcchf.ca/SuperheroPages/main.cfm?Event=ICE&Member=17697

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