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August 5th, 2011  |  Published in Racing

A report from the Team Coastal Thursday Nighter, 4 August 2011:

The Thursday Nighter in Richmond.

Jones and I the only GEers. Big group of As at the race.

I attack on lap 3, spend a couple alone with a big gap until Zach from HR and that East Coast guy in the red+white Swiss kit bridge, and eventually Schwingboth, too. Four of us pace-line the hell out of that course for 12 laps, huge gap despite a semi-truck that cuts us off (and only us off; Jacob yells “Sidewalk!” and we hop on it for half a stretch at 45kph!) as well as passing the Bs. My HR is 184 while sitting in; can’t see the screen while taking a pull.

And then suddenly Jacob sits up during his shift: we’re caught. We’re all kinda shocked seeing as we’re basically the strongest guys there and we were puking it…except that The Twins, Cyrus, Rory and that big Westwood guy (+ four others) were pacing the pack back to us. An immediate second counter and Zach makes it (strong man, that Zach), but we bring them back. Third and final move sticks: all us original break guys in it again, plus Cid and another, and we’re ahead by oh, 5 seconds, on the last lap. We’re basically caught so I jump on the last corner, but immediately hear this whooshing come up beside me but it’s not a break guy with the same idea as me, it’s Rory pulling a teammate out from the pack, going a good 25 per cent faster than us. Cyrus manages to jump on it and wins. I’m sixth.

Hard night. Twenty laps. Then I had a concert to be at by 9:00pm and managed to make it back to Adria’s in 40 minutes, solo time-trialing from the race!

The show I had to get to: Future Islands at the Media Club.


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