Tough Tuesday

May 18th, 2011  |  Published in Racing

Werner rounds the bend at the Tuesday Nighter. Photo by LaKersh on Flickr.

One of the largest turnouts tonight at the Escape Velocity Tuesday Nighter, with over 150 riders across six categories. It was sunny, it was almost warm, and everyone’s coming into form now.

With the weather came the pace: particularly tough in the A race, where GE had Abercrombie, Werner, Howard, Gerth, Biggar and Buckosky mixing it up with the Trek and H&R boys. Lots of attacks, with H&R on the offense. An early move by Howard, though, and another Trek managed to stick, just hovering off the front. An H&R bridged and the breakaway was solidified, allowing the pack to let off oh-so-slightly as the big three teams now had favourites up the road.

So close, but it didn’t stick. Two-to-go and the three are within shouting distance. Second last time around the corner and the boys are caught. A mix of tinkering with their legs and tactics, and a steady stream of pack pushes at the front, brought them back.

Last lap is a fast one, with flyers left and right. Abercrombie takes a big swig of wind. A large swerve by another team at the front unsteadies the pack just before the last right turn off Marine Drive. Through the roundabout and the sprint is on, and Biggar is there, pumping within a few feet of five or six other contenders, finally finishing the evening with a 5th place finish and another point towards the series overall.

Bonus: to give you an idea of the pace, see Werner’s GPS file on Strava:


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